Governance Committee

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to monitor, evaluate and update the governance structure of the Society. This is done by maintaining the policies established by the Board, proposing governance, policy charges and ensuring the Society’s operations are conducted in accordance with established board policies.

Strategic Planning Committee

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Committee is to develop, maintain, evaluate and update the Society’s long-term strategic plan, mission and vision.

Audit Committee

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to ensure the Society’s operations support are aligned with the Society’s strategic plan by monitoring the Society’s accounting policies; overseeing the Society’s financial reporting processes; monitoring the Society’s internal control processes; ensuring open communication within and without the Society with regard to the audit function and ensuring the Society’s accounts are audited by an outside agency at least biennially.

Personnel Committee

The purpose of the Personnel Committee is to provide oversight of personnel policy for all employees of the society including the Executive Director and provides a process for employees to appeal management decisions they feel do not comply with SCS policy.

Nominating Committee

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to select candidates, vetting candidates, collecting nomination forms, collecting petition forms, and recommending a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for its annual election.

Fellows Selection Committee

The purpose of the Selection Committee is to review, consider and/or nominate fellow candidates to the Fellows Committee.

Presidents Council Committee

The purpose of the Presidents Council is to advise or train the current President and serve at his direction.

Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards and Recognition Committee ensures that professionals in the simulation field and/or individual Society members receive recognition for significant and noteworthy accomplishments or service in the simulation field at the student and professional levels.

Education and Workforce Development Committee

The Education and Workforce Development Committee goal is to lead the community in transforming M&S into a recognized discipline and profession.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee has the overall responsibility for all conference activities in which SCS has direct management responsibilities, whether these are run exclusively by SCS or in cooperation with other societies. Their mandate is to review and approve key conference organizers, conference sites, budgets, contractual commitments, and the general structure of program activities.

One of their major responsibilities is the establishment of a multi user conference plan which will provide geographic and program diversity while minimizing potential conflict between other conferences and activities. The Conference Committee also maps long range strategies to provide SCS with an evolving conference schedule which will advance the state of the art in simulation and related technology.

Conference concepts and directions are critically evaluated at the conclusion of each individual conference.

Modeling and Simulation Body of Knowledge Committee


Chair: Tuncer Ören

  • Louis Birta
  • Agostino Bruzzone
  • Xudong Chai
  • Roy Crosbie
  • Saikou Y. Diallo
  • Umut Durak
  • Wenhui Fan
  • Bo Hu Li
  • Saurabh Mittal
  • Navonil Mustafee
  • Mohammad Obaidat
  • Hessam Sarjoughian
  • John A. Sokolowski
  • Andreas Tolk
  • Charles Turnitsa
  • Levent Yilmaz
  • Gregory Zacharewicz
  • Bernard P. Zeigler
  • Lin Zhang

If you wish to be involved or contact any of the SCS Committees please contact the SCS Office at or 858-277-3888