SIMCoverSIMULATION is the monthly refereed transactions of the leading society devoted to advancing the discipline and profession of modeling and simulation. An archival journal in both print and electronic form, it consists of distinct sections–one devoted to theory, the other to applications. Published articles must have a clear relevance to general modeling and simulation issues. In addition to its archival mission, the journal aims to help professionals and researchers, particularly those involved in multidisciplinary projects, apply advances in modeling and simulation theory, methodology and technology to their application areas.

The principal focus of SIMULATION is on research papers, however, comprehensive review and tutorial papers that explain methodological topics in modeling and simulation are also within the scope of the journal, and will be reviewed both for technical quality as well as understandability to the general reader.


Special Section on Medical M&S

Medical science has always benefited from technological advances, so it is not surprising that as the discipline of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) matures, there are unique opportunities to leverage joint research. The medical M&S field is continuously evolving and by its nature, the research is diverse and interdisciplinary. This creates a challenge for authors seeking a venue to publish research contributions that advance both fields.

To address this need, we are instituting a special section in SIMULATION dedicated to original contributions to medical Modeling & Simulation. The special section appears regularly in each issue of the journal. Authors are invited to submit original research papers that leverage modeling and simulation principles to address challenging problems in any medical field. Submitted papers will be subject to the same rigorous peer-review process utilized for SIMULATION, and those accepted will be published in the special section appearing in each issue.

Authors desiring to submit a paper for the Medical M&S special section can use the online submission process at, and make a note to the editor that the paper should be considered for the special section.