We encourage involvement of students at the activities of the SCS through Student Memberships and/or through Student Chapters.
Potential Benefits of SCS Student Chapters to Future M&S Professionals:

Be part of an international platform

to organize activities to disseminate and acquire knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of modeling and simulation.

Become a Student Member

and get involved in activities of the SCS, receive information and participate in SCS conferences.

Express opinions and post activities

at the website of their Student Chapter and have the opportunity to share news about the activities of the Student Chapter with the members of SCS.

Benefit from several publications

of SCS (SIMULATION–Transactions of the SCS, JDMS–The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology, and several conference proceedings.

Special rates on conference registration

The members of SCS Student Chapters who are also student members of SCS will receive a discount on registration fee for all SCS conferences.

SCS Distinguished Lectureship Program

Benefit from the SCS Distinguished Lectureship Program which is aimed at providing distinguished lecturers who are authorities in modeling and simulation theory, applications and related disciplines, to SCS regional and technical chapters and councils as well as to student chapters.

Establishing a New Student Chapter

Establishing a New Student Chapter

To establish a new SCS Student Chapter, get started by:

  1. Selecting a Faculty Mentor who is an SCS member in good standing
  2. Choosing student officers for your new Student Chapter
  3. Completing a Petition Form which can be provided by SCS if you email us at scs@scs.org and request the form.
  4. Drafting Bylaws for your Student Chapter.  Sample Student Chapter Bylaws can be found here.

Next, submit the Petition Form and a copy of your Student Chapter’s Bylaws to the SCS Executive Committee at scs@scs.org.  Upon approval by the SCS Executive Committee, your Faculty Mentor will receive a letter from SCS authorizing your new Student Chapter.  Please allow 10 weeks for approval.

Keeping Your Student Chapter in Good Standing

Keep your Student Chapter in good standing with SCS by: 

  1. Holding at least one meeting of your Student Chapter
  2. Electing student officers in accordance with your Bylaws
  3. Submitting an Activity Report by June 30 of each year reporting on your activities in the preceding academic year.  A fillable PDF of the Activity Report can be requested by contacting scs@scs.org.

As an incentive for timely submission of your Activity Report, SCS will authorize up to $150 per academic year toward reimbursement of Student Chapter activities.  The reimbursement request is included as part of the Activity Report.

List of Student Chapters

Beihang University Student Chapter of the SCS
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lin Zhang (johnlin9999@126.com)
President: Zehuan Lu (zehlu@buaa.edu.cn)
Vice President: Jing Cui (cuijin_tyut@aliyun.com)

Old Dominion University, Modeling and Simulation Department
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jim Leathrum (jleathru@odu.edu)
President: Spencer Smith (ssmit195@odu.edu)

University of Central Florida      
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bruce Caulkins (bcaulkin@ist.ucf.edu)
President: Keith MacArthur (keith.macarthur@knights.ucf.edu)

Riga Technical University Student Chapter of the SCS    
Faculty Advisor: Prof., Dr. habil. Galina Merkuryeva (galina.merkurjeva@rtu.lv)
Student Officer: Position is currently open.