SCS M&S Newsletter is the monthly general interest publication of the Society that is produced for the general public. It presents various articles on topics related to modeling and simulation for the benefit of the entire community whether they’re SCS members or not. Similarly to the SCS M&S Magazine the key element is broad appeal and general information.

The SCS M&S Newsletter is currently not creating new issues. The most resent issue is from April/May of 2018 . To view past issues, please use the password: SCSMembers.

If you wish to be a part of the SCS M&S Newsletter or have any questions, please contact the SCS Office.


SCS M&S Magazine was published as a quarterly general interest publication of the Society. From January 2010 to December 2014 we published articles that have an appeal to a major segment of the modeling and simulation community. The specific segment varied depending on the information content of any particular article, but the key element has been broad appeal. All articles are archived under [ISSN:2168-7031] and can still be accessed from this website.

The SCS Magazine does not accept any new submissions.