SCS will run the Board of Directors Awards and Fellow Nominations on January 1, 2024.

SCS Fellows


The grade of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction in the profession and shall be conferred by the Board of Directors upon a member with an outstanding record of accomplishments in any modeling and simulation field of interest. The accomplishments that are being honored shall have contributed importance to the advancement or application of modeling and simulation, bringing the realization of significant value to society.  The year of elevation to the grade of Fellow is the year following approval by the Board of Directors conferring the grade of Fellow. Members elevated to the Fellow grade may use the title immediately following approval by the Board of Directors. All those elevated will receive a certificate and pin. A newly recognized Fellow can expect to receive the following in the coming months:

  • A Fellow lapel pin.
  • Plaque (to be presented to the newly recognized Fellow at an upcoming conference).
  • Formal induction ceremony to be determined.
  • Recognition as an SCS Fellow on the SCS website.

SCS Fellows

1992 Jordan Chou

1992 Roy Crosbie

1992 Per A. Holst

1992 Ralph C. Huntsinger

1992 Eugene Kerckhoffs

1992 Naim A. Kheir

1992 Carl W. Malstrom

1992 Norbert E. Pobanz

1995 Granino Korn

1995 Charles M. Shub

1995 Monte Ung

1998 Paul Fishwick

1999 Mitch Sisle

2001 Mohammad Obaidat

2004 Francois Cellier

2006 Bernie Zeigler

2008 Tag Gon Kim

2015 John A. Hamilton

2016 Gabriel Wainer

2016 Tuncer Oren

2016 Andreas Tolk

2017 Jerzy Rozenblit

2018 Lin Zhang

2019 Levent Yilmaz

2020 Richard Fujimoto

2021 Adelinde M. Uhrmacher

2021 Charles M. Macal

2022 Jose Granda

Eligibility and Requirements

An SCS Fellow nominee must:

  • Hold Senior Member grade at the time the nomination is submitted and shall have been a member in good standing in any grade for five years preceding January 1 of the year of elevation.
  • Have at least 20 years of experience in a simulation-related area. Time spent in pursuit of a related academic degree may also be included in the 20-year requirement.
  • Be submitted by a fellow or senior member of SCS. The initiator must submit a completed nomination packet; self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Be supported by three current members of SCS and/or professional references in simulation society, one of whom must be a fellow or senior member.


Eligible candidates who are senior members and hold a professional membership should complete the Fellow Nomination Form Application that is supported by (3) current SCS members and/or professional references.

The Fellow nominee’s contributions that raise him/her significantly above the norm shall be examined. In all cases, the contributions are based on technical achievement. The individual’s contributions can take as many forms as there are nominees.

The contributions can take the form of a new and significant piece of theoretical and/or experimental work leading to an important advancement in the state of the art. Fellow Applicants may make significant technical contributions in the design and evolution into manufacturing of products or systems – or to the use, operation or application of such products or systems. The contributions shall be based on the realization to society, as judged by the SCS Fellow Committee, considering innovativeness, originality, creativity, meeting market needs, regional as well as global impact on the profession or society at large, or advances in quality, reliability, cost effectiveness or manufacturability.

The Fellow Applicant’s contributions can also be exemplified through technical leadership of a managerial, team or company-wide effort that led to an important benefit to society, to technical innovation, to the advancement of a device, idea or system leading to development, application and/or production. The technical innovation, risk involved, performance improvement, economic results or other advantages must be perceived by the SCS Fellow Committee as above the norm.

As an Educator, the Fellow Applicant’s contributions can encompass the development of a new curriculum or courses that are innovative or unique. An accepted and widely used pioneering text is also a significant useful contribution. The contributions, again, are to be judged on the basis of uniqueness, innovation, wide acceptance, etc.

The technical accomplishments of a Fellow Applicant can also take the form of technical publications as evidenced by refereed papers in archival journals, edited or authored books, papers in technical reports or other publications.

The technical contributions may also be in the form of patents, standards or other documentation describing the development or application of products, systems, facilities, services or software.

Evidence is the author’s technical presentation in the form of keynote presentations, papers summarized in conference digests, documented invited papers, developed courses and textbooks. Where the Fellow Applicant’s contribution is improved product or system design, which may have been held confidential by his employer, the technical accomplishment can be documented by using internal technical reports identifying the nominee’s role in the development.

The Fellow Applicant’s contributions can also consist of the development, manufacture or application of products, systems, facilities and services. Where a candidate makes his contribution as part of a team, his specific contribution as identified in the nomination, and verified by in-house Fellow references, constitutes suitable evidence. The evidence can be in the form of survey articles, review papers, company reports, published specifications, instruction manuals, application information, competitive analyses, government publications, market trend studies, etc.

Finally, the Fellow Applicant must be an active member of SCS clearly known to the Board and SCS membership by his or her service to the community and professional contribution.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Verify that the nominee is eligible.
  • Complete the Fellow Nomination Form as thoroughly as possible about the nominee’s accomplishments. No attachments will be considered except lists of publications, patents, honors and awards.
  • Determine and collect Nomination Support Forms (to be completed by 3 current SCS members/professional references).
  • Submit a complete Fellow application packet no later than 1 month from nominations being opened. This packet may be submitted by email to: In the email, please note that this is a Fellow nomination packet.