SCS Awards

The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS) offers numerous awards for exemplary achievement. These awards highlight different areas of achievement in modeling and simulation and honor those whose contribution to the simulation community or to the society has been widespread.

Contribution to the Profession Awards


Criteria: The candidate will typically have contributed an innovative concept or product, or formulated creative insight, which has been embraced by some significant segment of the modeling and simulation community as evidenced by its widespread application in that community.

Frequency: As appropriate

Roger Smith – 1992

Annie Saylor – 1992

Chain-Le Jen – 1992

Lou Chongde – 1996

José Pablo Nuño – 1996

Colonel Robert Reddy – 1998

Charlie Shub – 1998

Lou Birta – 2003

Terry Ericsen – 2009

Gabriel Wainer – 2011

Andreas Tolk –  2012

Miquel Angel Piera – 2013

Del Lunceford – 2016

Saurabh Mittal – 2017


Criteria: The candidate will typically have made a group of technical contributions to modeling and simulation activities that have been widely disseminated in the technical literature. As a consequence of these contributions, the candidate will have achieved a stature that is generally recognized as being of high caliber.

Frequency: Typically, at most one such award is given each year.

Ed Mitchell – 1992

Les White – 1992

Brian Unger – 1998

Tuncer Ören – 2003

Richard Fujimoto – 2003

Judith Daumman – 2003

Levent Yilmaz – 2011

Agostino Bruzzone – 2012

Gabriel Wainer – 2013

Andreas Tolk – 2014

McLeod Founder's Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession

Criteria: This award typically recognizes a group of technical contributions which have been made by the candidate over a significant period of time; e.g., a decade or more. They clearly reflect a commitment by the candidate to nurturing a robust evolution of the profession. The significant nature of the contributions will be supported by their wide dissemination in the technical literature and their discernible impact on the manner in which some aspect of the modeling and simulation activity is carried out.

Frequency: Typically, at most one such award is given each 3 years.

Ben Clymer – 1994

General Gorman – 1994

Bob Howe – 1996

Granino Korn – 1997

Bernard Zeigler – 1999

Mohammad Obaidat – 2009

François Cellier –  2010

Osman Balci – 2013

Tuncer Oren – 2017


Criteria: This award recognizes a substantial contribution to establishing Modeling and Simulation as a discipline in academia, industry, and/or the government. Recipients of this award are typically policy makers or high-level managers who, through their policies, have spearheaded efforts in advancing the discipline of Modeling and Simulation and, through their actions, have supported researchers in this discipline in their respective research efforts.

Frequency: Typically, at most one such award is given each 3 years.

Admiral Fred Lewis – 2011


Criteria: This award honors outstanding scientist and engineers under 35 year old who, early in their careers, demonstrated excellence and show potential for leadership at the frontiers of modeling and simulation.

Frequency: Typically, at most one such award is given each year.

Laili Yuanjun – 2017

Service to the Society (SCS) Awards


Criteria: This award recognizes outstanding service to the Society by a member. Typical contributions by the candidate would be: leadership of a major conference which achieved substantial success for SCS, a major editorial contribution to one of the Society’s regular publications, or establishment of a new and successful business area or program for the Society.

Frequency: As appropriate.

Rainer Rimane – 1997

Bernd Schmidt – 1999

Paul Fishwick – 2000

Bill Waite – 2002

Mohammad Obaidat – 2003

Adelinde Uhrmacher – 2004

Tag Gon Kim – 2004

Francesco Longo – 2011

Helena Sczerbicka – 2011

Hala ElAarag – 2012

Yu Zhang – 2013

Norbert Giambiasi – 2014

Gregory Zacharewicz – 2015

Saurabh Mittal – 2016

Andrea D’Ambrogio – 2016

Jose Luis Risco Martin – 2017


Criteria: This award recognizes distinguished service to the Society by a member at a level of dedication and achievement that is rarely demonstrated. The member will have made a series of significant contributions to the SCS over a 5 to 10 year period. typically the contributions will include some combination of the following: running a conference over several years and achieving growth in its prestige and success, significant editorial service to one of the regular publications of the Society, or noteworthy contributions as an executive officer in a variety of positions.

Frequency: Typically, at most one such award is given each year.

Roy Crosbie – 1992

Stew Schlesinger – 1992

Ghi Vansteenkiste – 1993

Mitch Sisle – 1997

Ariel Sharon – 1997

Eugene Kerchkoffs – 1997

Marty Wildberger – 1999

Suzette McLeod – 2000

Robert Judd – 2001

Bruce Fairchild – 2003

Axel Lehmann – 2005

Wayne Ingalls – 2006

Tuncer Ören – 2006

Richard MacDonald – 2007

Drew Hamilton – 2008

Agostino Bruzzone – 2008

Bruce Fairchild – 2008

Michael Chinni – 2008

Helen Karatza – 2009

Pieter Mosterman – 2009

Bob Brennan – 2009

Joe Gauthier – 2011

Bill Tucker – 2011

Bill Waite – 2011

Hamid Vakilzadian – 2011

Louis G. Birta – 2012

Levent Yilmaz – 2012

Gabriel Wainer – 2015

Levent Yilmaz – 2016

Presidential Award for Service to the Society

Criteria: This award recognizes unique long term service to the Society by a member. The candidate will typically have made a series of outstanding contributions over a 10 to 15 year period and exhibited leadership ability that has clearly resulted in a growth in the vitality of the Society. The candidate’s decisions while in positions of responsibility have influenced the future of SCS. In addition to his/her demonstrated leadership ability, the candidate will typically have an acknowledged stature for technical achievement.

Frequency: Typically, at most one such award is given each 3 years.

Vince Amico – 1997

Roy Crosbie – 2002

Axel Lehmann – 2003

Ralph Huntsinger – 2008

Bernard Zeigler – 2008

Drew Hamilton – 2010

Mohammad Obaidat – 2012

Hessam Sarjoughian – 2013

Lifetime Achievement Awards


Criteria: The Modeling and Simulation Hall of Fame recognizes the outstanding visionary leadership and dedication to “increasing the effectiveness and broadening the application of simulation”. Inductees thoughts, words and energies have significantly impacted the use of simulation not only in the field, but also throughout the world.

Frequency: Typically, at most one such award is given each year.

John McLeod – 2002

Vince Amico – 2003

Bob Howe – 2005

Granino Korn – 2006

Walter Karplus – 2008 (posthumously)

Bernard P. Zeigler – 2009

Tuncer Ören – 2011

BoHu Li – 2012

Mohammad Obaidat – 2014

Agostino Bruzzone – 2015

Ralph Huntsinger – 2015

Axel Lehmann – 2017

Roy Crosbie – 2017