Conference Author’s Information

Welcome to the SCS conference author’s information page. This page contains critical information & guidelines for anyone planning on submitting a paper to an SCS conference. Please review this material carefully—it contains information that has not previously been included in other SCS Author’s Kits.

Author’s Kit Instructions and Forms

Below you will find PDF forms including general guidelines for preparing and submitting your paper, the required transfer of copyright and author certification form, tips for writing a quality paper, as well as tips for giving a high-quality presentation (all presenters are encouraged to read this). We encourage all submissions to use LaTeX, and we have provided an Overleaf template to simplify the process of starting your paper. Authors are also able to use Word. Please note that these paper templates have changed significantly from previous versions. Please do not use a template from a previous year, as this will cause your manuscript to be unsubmitted.

General Process to Prepare and Submit a Paper

Once you decide on a paper template, the general process for preparing and submitting a conference paper is as follows: 

Decide on a format (LaTeX is recommended but Word is allowed). The overleaf template is a quick way to start.
Modify those files to produce your submission. Remember to stay within the page limit and to remove all identifying information, as submissions are double blind.
Use to submit the paper.

If your paper is accepted, you will have to provide the final material: final version of paper (ZIP file), completed & signed Transfer of Copyright form, completed & signed Author Certification form, and a copy of your registration receipt. At least one author must register for each accepted paper and come present it at the conference.

Policy on the use of AI in research papers: The use of Generative AI to help with writing some of the paper must be disclosed in the acknowledgements section of any paper submitted to an SCS publication. Generative AI includes the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT. If this use is specific to certain sections of the paper, we encourage authors to identify such sections (e.g., “We used GPT 4 to draft section 3.2”). The policy applies to conferences such as the Annual Modelling & Simulation Conference (ANNSIM), or extended versions submitted to the Society’s journals (Simulation: Transactions of the SCS, The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation).

Other Conference Information and Forms

The manual registration form for conferences.

If you are a full-time student wish to apply for a student discount you must complete & submit the Student Verification form.

If you are a retiree & wish to apply for a retiree discount you must complete & submit the Retiree Verification form.

If you are from a foreign country and need a Conference Invitation letter for your visa, you must fill out the form completely, save and email the Visa Invitation form to Note: Visa Invitation Letters are provided ONLY to individuals who have paid their registration to the conference. Individuals who seek to attend the conference regardless of paper acceptance decisions or who may experience long visa processing times are encouraged to start their visa processing early.

For information on conference cancellations, refunds, and more, view the Conference Policies form.