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A Success Story from the Beihang University Student Chapter of the SCS

By Zehuan Lu and Jin Cui

Beihang University Student Chapter of the SCS (SCS-BUAA-SC) was established in Nov. 28, 2011, after a visit of Prof. Tuncer Ören, the founding AVP of SCS Student Chapters. Prof. Lin Zhang, president elect of SCS, has been the mentor, Dr. Yuewei Sheng was the Founding President of the Chapter. Ph.D. candidate Zhiqiang Zhang has been the former President of the Chapter.

The new executive committee was elected in December 2014, and it includes Zehuan Lu (president), Jin Cui (vice president), and Bowen Li (secretary). Under the direction of Prof. Lin Zhang, the new executive committee organized a number of academic exchange activities. The activities provided a platform for students to exchange ideas in field of modeling and simulation. What’s more, we recruited ten new members in December 2014, and this made our chapter bigger and more energetic. The total number is 50 now, and 18 students are SCS student members.

On 14 July 2014, about 50 of us were fortunate to listen Prof. Mohammed S. Obaidat who made presentations titled “A Vertical Handoff Algorithm for Wireless Heterogeneous Networks” and “Recent Advances in Smart Homes and Cities and Samples of Our Related Efforts.” Prof. Mohammed S. Obaidat is a well-known professor of modeling, simulation and communication at the University of Monmouth, USA and a past president of SCS. Among many other achievements, he is a fellow of IEEE and SCS and a member of the SCS Hall of Fame (Lifetime achievement award). Prof. Mohammed S. Obaidat has been active in complex system modeling and simulation, green ICT and Wireless network research.

On Oct. 15, 2014 and Oct. 22, 2014, Prof. Dr. Axel Lehmann made excellent presentations titled “Why Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is an Engineering Discipline!?” and “International Standards and Experiences with M&S Verification and Validation”, respectively. From his presentations, we learned a lot about simulation verification and validation techniques. Prof. Axel Lehmann is a Past President of SCS and he was awarded the SCS Presidential Service Award.

Over the next few months, SCS-BUAA-SC will continue its efforts to organize or participate in more activities, especially the international academic activities and communication with other student chapters.

three simulation societies will organize and locate “ The x-th Asian Simulation Conference” in their respective country  as an English speaking  and forum for a broader international simulation community. While elaborating on this idea, it was mentioned that already in 1999 CASS had organized a first international conference on simulation and scientific computing in Beijing with Prof. Bo Hu Li as General Chair, and – in the following year 2000 – JSST followed with the next and second international simulation conference held in Tokyo with Prof. Takaba as General Chair. In addition, Prof. Bo Hu Li announced that CASS would be honored to organize and locate next years “Asian” simulation conference in Shanghai. As all three Presidents were very much in favor of this idea, I proposed to sign straightaway an agreement during that lunch meeting. As lunch was already served, nobody of the participants in the room had any paper for writing an agreement. So I took a napkin and wrote the substance of this agreement on the napkin which was signed by the three Presidents.


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