2014 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference

2014 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference


2014 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference (SpringSim'14) Wrap-Up


SpringSim 2014 Wrap-Up

By SpringSim’14 General Chair Mamadou Kaba Traore

The beautiful city of Tampa welcomed the Spring Simulation Multi-conference (SpringSim’14) from April 13, 2014 to April 16, 2014.

Sunday, April 13:
PhD colloquium and Posters session: great opportunity for students to showcase their work in progress and link with their peers. A premiere in SpringSim!

Tutorials session: world-class selection of M&S topics. Outstanding!

Monday, April 13:
Opening session: 3 keynote speeches given by distinguished scientists. Great talks!

Reception: moment of conviviality. Attendees are coming from all over the world!

Tuesday, April 15:
Simulation Exploration Experience: inter-university teams compete in utilizing simulation interoperability solution. An amazing and pleasant way to connect students with their future as simulation professionals!

From, Monday 14 to Wednesday 16:
Sessions in the following symposia:
  • ADS (Agent-Directed Simulation)
  • CNS (Communications and Networking Symposium)
  • HPC (High Performance Computing Symposium)
  • SimAUD (Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design)
  • TMS/DEVS (Theory of Modeling and Simulation)
  • ANSS (Annual Simulation Symposium)
  • WIP (Work in Progress)
  • Posters and Student Colloquium


SpringSim 2014 Award Winners

Best Overall Paper of SCS SpringSim 2014:
Rule-Based Model Transformation For, and In Simulink
Joachim Denil, Pieter J. Mosterman, and Hans Vangheluwe

TMS/DEVS Best Paper:
Expanding DEVS and SES Applicability: Using M&S Kernels within IT Systems
Chungman Seo, Wontae Kang, Bernard P. Zeigler and Doohwan Kim

TMS/DEVS Best Paper Runner-Up:
Simulation of Aircraft Boarding Strategies with Discrete-Event Cellular DEVS
Shafagh Jafer and Wei Mi

ADS Best Paper:
Strategic Evolution of Adversaries Against Temporal Platform Diversity Active Cyber Defenses
Michael L. Winterrose and Kevin M. Carter

ANSS Best Paper:
Modeling and Simulation of Electricity Generated by Renewable Energy Sources for Complex Energy Systems
Marco Pruckner and Reinhard German

HPC Best Paper:
Efficient Parallel Image Clustering and Search on a Heterogeneous Platform
Dong Ping Zhang, Lifan Xu, and Lee Howes

SimAUD Best Paper:
Prototyping Interactive Nonlinear Nano-to-Micro Scaled Material Properties and Effects at the Human Scale
Jenny E. Sabin, Andrew Lucia, Giffen Ott, and Simin Wang

CNS Best Paper:
DarknetSim A Simulation Framework for Social Overlays
Patrick Weizel, Stefanie Roos, Andreas Hofer and Thorsten Strufe

Best Poster Award:
A Virtual Crowd-Sourcing Approach for Pedestrian Simulation
Eric Kolstad

Best Student Presentation Award (Posters/Student Colloquium track):
Decentralized K-Means for MANET Swarms
Ryan McCune and Greg Madey

SimAUD Outstanding Paper Award
A Freeform Surface Fabrication Method with 2D Cutting
Andres Sevtsuk and Raul Kalvo

SimAUD Best Student Paper Award
Approximating Urban Wind Interference
Samuel Wilkinson, Gwyneth Bradbury, and Sean Hanna

DEVS PhD Award Winner:
Discrete Event Simulation of Hybrid Systems: Real Time and Parallelism
Federico Bergero

DEVS PhD Award Finalist:
Design, Verification and Deployment of Software-Intensive Systems: A Multi-Paradigm Modelling Approach
Joachim Denil

DEVS PhD Award Finalist:
Application of Model-Driven Engineering and Metaprogramming to DEVS Modeling & Simulation
Luc Touraille




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