Military Modeling and Simulation (MMS'13)
April 7 - 10, 2013 | Bahia Resort | San Diego, CA, USA
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Chair: Saikou Diallo, Old Dominion University
Co-Chair: Kevin Gupton, University of Texas at Austin

The Military Modeling and Simulation Symposium is a series of annual spring gatherings devoted to the full breadth of modeling and simulation in the military domain. In addition to providing a venue for publication and presentation of peer-reviewed papers, the symposium is a place for networking, discussions, and exchange of information with military modelers and simulationists from around the world.

The symposium welcomes papers on any aspect of modeling and simulation related to the military, especially in any of the following areas:

  • Simulation Support to Operations
    • Battlefield Visualization
    • Course of Action Analysis
    • Mission Rehearsal
    • In-Theater Training
    • Electronic performance support systems
  • Operations and Command and Control
    • Battle field / battle theater simulation
    • Simulation during operations
    • C4I simulation
    • Counterforce operations
    • Airspace management
  • Training, Exercises, and Military Operations
    • Simulations in training
    • Simulation / exercise integration
    • Mission Planning & Rehearsal
    • Live, Virtual, Constructive
    • Locomotion and Virtual Worlds
    • Instructional Support for 3D Immersive Worlds
    • Embedded training
    • Assessment
  • Serious Games
    • Games in training
    • Game AI for military M&S
    • Leveraging game development experience
    • Computer generated forces
    • Game-based simulation technology
  • Simulation for Cyber Warfare
    • Simulating Cyber effects on Military Operations
    • Simulating Cyber-attacks, defense & exploitation
    • Simulation Support to Cyber Training
  • Domains (Land, Sea, Air)
    • Synthetic environments / virtual realities
    • Surface and subsurface warfare
    • Avionics, flight control, flight simulation
    • Unmanned vehicles
  • Synthetic Environment Development
    • Tools
    • Processes
    • Computer generated forces
    • Agent-based combat modeling
  • Physical Modeling and Effects
    • Lethality, vulnerability survivability
    • Impact and penetration modeling
    • Computational fluid and molecular dynamics
    • Structural and solid mechanics modeling
    • Ballistics & propellant simulation
  • Advanced Concepts and Requirements
    • Simulation and Experimentation of new concepts
    • Requirements development
    • Predicted impacts of technology integration
    • Informatics and Simulation
    • High performance computing
    • Intelligent systems simulation
  • Research, Development, and Acquisition
    • Design, development & acquisition for new weapons systems and equipment
    • Simulation and Modeling for Acquisition, Requirements and Training (SMART)
    • Simulation-based acquisition
    • Governance, Process, and Business Models for M&S

Special Topics

In addition to these general domains of interest, we invite new and innovative papers that address the bleeding edge/next generation of military simulation including but not limited to:

  • Challenges in Military system of system interoperability
  • Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) challenges and approaches
  • Semantic web applications in the military domain
  • Big data analytics in the military domain
  • Ontology and Formal Methods applied to the military domain