A Message from the President on Election Results and Farewell

Dear SCS Members:

I am glad to report to you the results of our recent SCS election based on our new governance structure that we approved recently during the term of our outgoing administration. The new President and President-Elect are:

President: David Cook

President-Elect: Jerry Couretas

The slate also included 13 candidates for the position of Director-at-Large, from whom 9 of the candidates were elected by the SCS membership.  The 3 candidates with the highest number of votes were elected for a 3-year term; the next 3 candidates in terms of number of votes were elected for a 2-year term; and the next 3 candidates in terms of number of votes were elected for a 1-year term. The new The new Directors-at-Large are:  Helena Sczcerbicka, Agostino Bruzzone, Andreas Tolk, Bill Waite, Levent Yilmaz, Mike McGinnis, Ralph Huntsinger, John Sokolowski, and Mike Chinni.

-Three Board of Directors for a 3 year term:
Helena Sczcerbicka
Agostino Bruzzone
Andreas Tolk

-Three Boards of Directors for a 2 year term:
Bill Waite
Levent Yilmaz
Mike McGinnis

-Three Board of Directors for a 1 year term:
Ralph Huntsinger
John Sokolowski
Mike Chinni

The new election format was forced upon us by the new SCS governance structure that was adopted by the Board of Directors (BoD) in its April 2011 meeting held in Boston.  From now on, SCS shall hold all its subsequent elections every year instead of every other year. Each year, 3 Directors-at-Large shall be elected for a 3-year term, and a President Elect shall be elected for a one year term, who will then automatically become the President for a one year term after the election in the following year. The immediate Past President will be a member of the new BoD and a member of the new Executive Committee.

I would like to personally congratulate my colleagues who were elected: The President, President-Elect, and the nine Directors-at-Large and wish all of them success in their efforts.

The new BoD will elect a Chair for the BoD. In addition, the BoD will elect a Treasurer and a Secretary from the pool of the nine elected Directors-at-large for a one year term each.

Our administration has been working very hard since taking office in July 2009,and its hard work is being reflected in the many achievements and outstanding performance in all lines of services and activities. Below is a brief summary of the main contributions.

After taking office in July 2009, we activated our activity VP boards including Conferences, Publications, Membership and Education. These boards are now energetic, and they play a great advisory role to the respective VPs. Moreover, our conference organizers and board in coordination with our VP of Conferences have played the main role in deciding future conference locations. This is a realization of our vision for shared governance and shared responsibility and is proving to be a successful paradigm.

Our publications are doing very well in terms of quality, worldwide reputation and revenue generated. The SCS Newsletter is being published monthly and on time after it ceased to be published during the past many years before our administration took office. Thanks to its Editors: Francesco Longo, Tuncer Ören and Mhamed Itmi, and the International Editorial Board for a job well done. The Newsletter is rich in content and is becoming an excellent informational source for modeling and simulation professionals.

SCS Modeling and Simulation Magazine is being issued regularly, with excellent feedback from SCS members and non-SCS members. The magazine had ceased to be published in 2005. When this administration took office in July 2009, it decided to revamp and re-issue it. Our Editors under the leadership of our Editor-in-Chief (EIC), Lou Birta, are doing a great job. This quarterly magazine is being published now in e-form with volume, issue and page numbers. I believe it is ready now to be issued in hard copies, and we have already been approached by potential publishers to issue it in hard copy. This would be great as it will provide a new revenue source for the society.

The Simulation Journal is doing very well. The Editor-in-Chief, Levent Yilmaz and Special Issues Editor, Gabriel Wainer, and the International Editorial Board Members are doing a great job. We have the pipeline filled and several issues are ready to go to print. Tightening the paper acceptance rate is paying off; current acceptance rate is about 33%, which is good.

We have talked to Sage to find ways to reduce the waiting time for printed issues. Sage has agreed to increase their budget per issue and increase the number of pages per issue with no extra cost for SCS members. Sage increased the pages per issue by 50% going from 64 pages to 96 pages starting in 2011.

The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation (JDMS) Editor-in-Chief (EiC), Jerry Couretas, brought the JDMS into hard copy with Sage and the pipeline is healthy with several issues ready to go to print. We have already received some revenue from Sage for publishing JDMS, and the journal has started to produce revenue for the Society for the first time.

In addition, we appointed regional editors for Europe, Asia and the Pacific. The Editor for Europe is Axel Lehmann, and the Editor for Asia and the Pacific is Tag Gon Kim. They have been working with the EIC and their collective efforts have helped to give the journal an excellent international visibility and reputation. We have also added Homeland Security as a new topic under the aims of the scope of the journal due to the significance of this subject. To submit a paper to any of our Publications, visit: http://scs.org/publications.

We have all conference symposia proceedings available on the conference proceedings CD; hard copies are also available using a print-on-demand service.  The on demand printing model is a cost-effective model because, there is no minimum number of copies that needs to be made for each proceeding. When using print-on-demand, the society does not incur any additional expenses, this solution also has the added benefit of enabling all conference organizers and authors to have their own proceedings. Each symposium chairs’ names appear as the editors of the proceedings of their own symposium. Each hard copy proceedings has its own International Standard Book Number (ISBN).  In addition, there is a space on the cover of each hard copy proceedings book for each symposium to enable its organizers to customize their own book with an image, logo or graphic.

Almost all of our conferences in the past two years have performed very well and exceeded projected revenue. This is due to the fact that we were conservative in our budgeting and that our SCS staff, conference organizers, and volunteers have done a great job.

Our administration has selected sites for future conferences. Sites for conferences up until 2013 have been either selected or identified. Planning ahead has proved beneficial to the society. When we took office in July 2009 at SummerSim the site for SummerSim 2010 was not selected by the previous administration. This has changed during our administration, and we now have sites selected for all of our 2012 conferences and even for some 2013 conferences.

In this regard, we would like to point out that our co-location with SISO at SummerSim and SpringSim has been fruitful to both organizations; it reduces costs and minimizes risks for both organizations and provides more value to the attendees.

SpringSim 2011 was co-located with 2011 SISO Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop. It was held at Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel, Boston, MA from April 3-7, 2011. We had 8 Symposia and a Poster/Work in Progress Track. The conference was very successful both technically and economically.

SpringSim 2012 will be co-located with the 2012 SISO Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop. We have already signed the contract and it will be held at the Florida Hotel in Orlando from 26-30 March, 2012. We will have 8 Symposia and a Poster/Work in Progress Track.

SpringSim 2013 is tentatively planned to be held in San Diego, California. SISO is deciding whether to have its 2013 SISO Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop co-locate with SCS.

SummerSim 2011 was co-located with the 2011 SISO European Workshop from June 27-29, 2011, in The Hague, The Netherlands. The conference was successful, and the quality of papers accepted in SPECTS 2011, SCSC 2011 and GCMS 2011 was very good. Although, we had a lower registration count compared to SummerSim 2010 due to the worldwide economy, we expect to do fine financially.

SummerSim 2012 will be held in Genoa, Italy. The site will be at the University of Genoa in its Faculty of Architecture Building, located in downtown Genoa. Attendees will be able to stay in any of the numerous hotels nearby. Franco Davoli and Agostino Bruzzone will be the General Chairs. SPECTS, SCSC and GCMS will be the symposia of the Conference with a plan to continue having a poster/Work in Progress track. In addition, we will have BondGraph 2012 symposium as part of Summer 2012.

Potential sites for SummerSim 2013 have been identified including Hamburg, Madrid, and Toronto. The conference board and key organizers are narrowing down these options in consultation with SISO with the goal to co-locate with its 2013 European Workshop.

A successful PowerPlant Sim 2011 was held in Tampa, FL from Feb 13-Feb 17, 2011 at the Renaissance Tampa Hotel International Plaza.

PowerPlant Sim 2010 was also successful and actually made more revenue than projected. This is an area that warrants more attention as there seems to be a lot of interest in power and energy these days.

PowerPlant Sim 2012 will be held from Feb. 12-17 at the Catamaran Hotel, San Diego. The hotel contract has already been signed. It will have two main tracks: The Fossil Track and Nuclear Track.

To submit papers to any of our conferences, visit the respected web site of the individual conference at: http://scs.org/conferences.

Our administration has approved starting a new SCS fall conference, beginning in the fall of 2012. Tentatively, we plan to hold it in San Diego, CA. Proposed dates: Mid to end of October, 2012. Jerry Couretas will be the General Chair. We will have 4 main symposia: Homeland Security Symposium, Defense and Military Symposium, Health Sciences and Bioinformatics Symposium and the Education and Training Symposium.

During the term of our administration, we fixed the SCS membership database after it was not functioning for the past several years. Membership renewal notices are now sent out to SCS members on a regular basis. The membership board has recently elevated some qualified candidates to the senior member grade. We encourage qualified SCS members to apply to the Senior Member Grade. The application form for Senior Member grade is posted on the SCS web site. Moreover, the society has started to generate more income from membership dues.

During our administration’s term, the number of SCS student chapters has tripled. We now have 9 Students chapters: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Ankara, Turkey; Riga, Latvia; California State University-Sacramento, CA, USA; University of Seville, Spain, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology) in Islamabad, Pakistan; Delft Student Chapter at Delft, The Netherlands; The Jordan Student Chapter, located in the Hashemite University, Jordan; and the University of Nebraska Peter Kiewit Institute Student Chapter, Nebraska, Omaha, USA.
These achievements were not possible without the hard work of our Associate VP for Student Chapters, Tuncer Ören and VP Membership, Sevi Sevillano.

Our VP Education, Helena Szczerbicka, has visited several universities in Europe, North America and Asia in the effort to establish standard curriculum for modeling and simulation as well as criteria for accreditation. She created an Education VP web page at the SCS site: http://www.scs.org/education and has organized workshops at our Summer Conferences to address issues related to education in modeling and simulation.

Based on the recommendation of the SCS Web Committee, the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and their associated answers have been posted on the SCS web site. Each activity VP in consultation with her/his board has prepared a list of these.

During our administration’s term, we have presented awards to well- deserved volunteers and SCS members in various categories. We also established a new SCS award category. The SCS Presidential Award for Enabling the Modeling and Simulation Discipline.

Our administration has approved a new governance structure that we expect to be more efficient. Our election process this year has been carried out based on this new structure. To learn more about our new bylaws, see: http://scs.org/upload/Bylaws-20110711.pdf.

Our finances are in very good shape despite the world’s economic situation; we have no debt now. We have a good cash reserve. This is due to the superb and diligent work of our volunteers, Executive Committee, conference organizers, journal editors, loyal SCS members, and dedicated SCS staff.

Our income from conferences and publications has increased when compared to past years despite the fact that we had several new expenses including $50,000 to archive JDMS.

Our activity Vice Presidents and officers of the Executive Committee (XCOM), volunteers, and office staff have been working very hard and their efforts are reflected in the many achievements that we are witnessing now, especially the healthy financial situation of the Society. Our overall financial situation is stable.

Our efforts during the past 2 years have produced excellent results as reflected on all of our lines of services and the healthy financial situation of the society.

As my term as the SCS President and Chair of the BoD is ending, I would like to thank, all the colleagues and volunteers who worked with me including all members of the Executive Committee, members of the BoD, Conference Organizers, Editors of our Journals, Magazine and Newsletter, Chairs and members of the SCS Standing and other Committees and SCS staff for their great support and outstanding contributions. Special thanks go to François Cellier, Tuncer Ören, Jose Luis (Sevi) Sevillano, Helena Szczerbicka, Jerry Couretas, Hamid Vakilzadian, Bill Waite, Helen Karatza, Bill Tucker, Gabriel Wainer, Ralph Huntsinger and Mike McGinnis, who have made major contributions during the term of this administration and have been generous with their time. I also would like to thank our dedicated SCS staff especially our new SCS Executive Director, Oletha Darensburg, who took her new position at the last minute and has done an exceptional job. She is very reliable, accurate, dedicated and professional. Thanks also to Aleah Hockridge for her good efforts especially in the membership domain.
I also should thank my family, especially my wife for the support, understanding and for the numerous hours that were taken from them in order to conduct SCS business.

SCS is a great professional society. Please continue being loyal to its mission and goals. Thank you very much for the trust that you have given me during the past 2 years to be your President and Chair of the Board of Directors. It was a great pleasure and honor to have served in this capacity and to have been able to make substantial changes that have put the Society on solid and stable ground.

Thanks for being loyal to your society.

Best regards.

Mohammad S. Obaidat
President and Chair of the Board of Director, Society for Modeling and Simulation International, SCS