SIMULATION: Submission Guidelines

All manuscripts submitted for publication will be critically reviewed for their relevance to journal objectives, technical quality, significance and readability.

Submission Website:


Sole Publication Policy and the Review Process

Papers submitted for publication must be original. Manuscripts are accepted for review on the strict understanding that the same work is not pending publication, or under review, by another periodical journal or conference; that it will not appear subsequently in another periodical journal without the permission of The Society; and that its submission for publication is approved by all of its authors and by the institution where the work was performed. The editors of Simulation notify their referees in advance that by accepting a manuscript for review, they also accept an obligation to maintain confidentiality of the manuscript's contents; this obligation ends only when the manuscript becomes lawfully available to them through another channel without an obligation of confidentiality.


Language and Length: All manuscripts must be submitted in English. There is no restriction on the length of submitted manuscripts. Note: publication of lengthy papers may be delayed, as the length of the paper acts as a disincentive to the reviewer to undertake the review process.

Single Page Description: In order to facilitate the finding of appropriate referees for the manuscript, full-length papers should be accompanied by a separate single-page description. This description should answer the following question: What is the most closely related work by others and how does this work refer to your topic? Please list 3 references.

Footnotes/Endnotes: The use of The Vancouver Manual of Style is suggested as a guide. Authors may use either footnotes or endnotes in the paper.

References: The references should be grouped in a section at the end of the text and should include:

  • surname and initials (use et al. in cases where the number of authors is greater than three)
  • full title of paper
  • journal title
  • volume and number
  • inclusive page numbers
  • year of publication

If in doubt, authors should always write the journal title in full. References to a book should include:
  • author's surname, followed by initials
  • title of book
  • editors (if any)
  • volume number/edition (if any)
  • inclusive page numbers
  • name of publisher
  • place of publication
  • year of publication
Proofs: Authors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the manuscript (whether original or revised) before final submission. One set of proofs is sent to the corresponding author before publication; any changes and approvals should be returned promptly. The publishers reserve the right to charge for any changes made at the printer's proof stage (other than printer's errors), since the insertion or deletion of a single word may necessitate the resetting of whole paragraphs.

Reprints: One copy of the journal is sent free of charge to the corresponding author of each contribution.

Online Submission Process

Once the paper meets the submission requirements listed above, the paper may be uploaded to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/simulation. To enter the site, create an account and log in. To upload the paper, follow the displayed instructions. Notification of successful submission will be sent. Once a paper has been submitted, it can no longer be edited. All manuscripts must be submitted through the online system. If no notification is received or if further assistance is required, please contact: Managing Editor, The Society for Modeling and Simulation International at editor@scs.org or (858) 277-3888.

Who May Submit

Area editors and associate editors are not restricted from submitting manuscripts to Simulation, and are encouraged to do so. An Editor-In-Chief (EIC) may not submit manuscripts for publication in regular issues of Simulation, and should not publish papers in special issues, except in the case of invited papers (e.g., conference papers invited for a special issue). Guest editors of special issues cannot submitting papers to the special issue that they are editing (and it is suggested that the special issues authors be at arms length of the Guest Editor).

Manuscript Handling

Final decisions and communication with authors are made by the EIC handling the submission. The identity of the area editor, associate editors, and referees is not made known to the author. Manuscripts requiring "major revision" may go through one round of revision and re-review. If the result of that revision is not "accept" or "request minor revision" the manuscript will be rejected.


Referees will normally be acknowledged by publishing their name in the final issue of the journal each calendar year. Guest editors are encouraged to acknowledge referees that reviewed papers for their special issue in the forward written for the special issue.

Relationship to Conference Publications

It is permissible to republish portions of manuscripts that had previously appeared in conference proceedings, however, the version appearing in Simulation should be significantly different from the version appearing in the conference proceedings. The journal version need not necessarily include new results; it may include additional examples, further explanation of ideas and data, etc. As a general rule, the overlap between the conference and journal versions should not exceed 30%.