Business and Industry Simulation (BIS)

This track is part of the EAIA'12 Symposium.

The Business and Industry Simulation track is one of the best established tracks within EAIA. Operational and financial stresses in conjunction with the demands of customers, both external and internal, have intensified pressure for competent industrial operations. The evolution of complex systems operating within intricate environments has placed pressure on the configuration and performance of agile, efficient, and flexible industrial operations. Firms are recognizing that the continual enhancement of existing operations is essential to gaining and holding a competitive edge. Government organizations today can effectively evaluate solutions for complex challenges in transportation, health care, security, or environmental effects before making decisions. This call for papers aims to highlight academic foundations as well as real-world industrial applications focusing on lessons learned, experienced constraints, and proof of concepts and generalizability of implemented solutions using M&S in such environments. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Supply chain M&S
  • Simulation-based decision support systems
  • Transportation managent M&S
  • Health Care management M&S
  • M&S applications in institutional or defense environment
  • M&S applications Manufacuting or service industry