Modeling and Simulation Support for the Department of Justice

This track is part of the EAIA'12 Symposium.

The Department of Justice established a Technical Working Group on Modeling and Simulation to coordinate the application of M&S solutions and research of M&S capabilities of interest. Currently, M&S within the Department of Justice is focused on – but not limited to – training, in particular for Law Enforcement organizations. One of the main facilities to support training is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Georgia. FLETC utilizes M&S as one option to provide better training to Law Enforcement officer. Furthermore, several training systems developed for other departments, in particular training simulation systems developed for the Armed Forces, are evaluated according to the adaptability and applicability for training provided at FLETC. However, the Technical Working Group is also looking at alternative uses of M&S, including serious gaming. The use of emerging technologies, including social networks, is another topic of interest.

Within this track, the current work, vision, and objectives for M&S Support shall be closer evaluated. We are therefore looking for topics like:

  • Application transfer from other application domains to law enforcement
  • A research agenda for the M&S in the Department of Justice
  • Application domains and solutions for M&S in the Department of Justice
  • Gaming for law enforcement