M&S and Risk Management

This track is part of the EAIA'12 Symposium.

There has been compelling signs of the great potential of building further synergy with academics, researchers, and industry practitioners from the areas of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) in coping with Emergent Risks. M&S’s potential goes far beyond its power to tell us how systems may, would, and should work.And for this same reason, M&S also has a great and still untapped power to tell us how complex systems may fail.

Nonetheless, there needs to be the conscious and deliberate attempt to harness this power by bringing together current knowledge and game-changing ideas from the best academics, researchers, and industry practitioners in M&S and Emergent Risk Management. Objectives of the track comprise benchmarking current practices on how M&S are being used in managing emergent risks, identifying important and high-yield research activities towards better application of M&S in managing emergent risk, and developing synergistic collaboration among participants.

Topics of interest to this track are:

  • Types of risks suitably addressed by M&S (e.g. technical, programmatic, financial)
  • M&S within the risk management processes (e.g. risk identification, assessment, management)
  • Spectrum of M&S solutions to risk problems (e.g. complexity, resolution)
  • Paradigms for risk problems (e.g. system dynamics, discrete event, agent-based)