Modeling and Simulation and Engineering

This track is part of EAIA'12.

The viewpoint of the symposium shows the neighborhood of M&S applications to the engineering discipline that is also more interested in finding applicable solutions (in contrast to science where the focused is more on extending the knowledge). Theoretical underpinnings are welcome, but the track will provide a forum for papers that address the engineering style applications of modeling and simulation. Simulation replaces more and more the traditional experimentation. Where until recently prototypes were created to conduct experiments, virtual prototypes are increasingly used in support of the engineering process. In order to support this use of M&S in engineering, the simulation must fulfill certain requirements, such as being verified and validated for the particular use, or that all data can be obtained in the required form and with the right content. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Systems Engineering for M&S / M&S for Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Management for M&S / M&S for Engineering Management
  • Requirements for M&S in the context of engineering
  • M&S in the Lifecycle of Engineering Support of Systems