Special Track: Modeling & Simulating Technology Transition

This track is part of the EAIA'12 Symposium

Technology Transition (T2) is a contemporary interest due to the frequent loss of great ideas to the “Valley of Death” between R&D and distribution organizations. Because T2 is often viewed as a process, the goal here is to demonstrate the successful use of modeling and simulation to emulate and facilitate the underlying innovation process to ensure good ideas make their way to candidate users. While developers have internal research and development (IRAD) processes and the sales chain maintain business development processes, the goal here is to describe and demonstrate the too often grey area in-between. The suggested domains over which to describe the large-scale integrated system’s pricing technique include -

  • Case Studies on Technology Transition in small, medium and large enterprise
  • Use of Technology Transition Agreements within and between organizations
  • Use of personnel transfer to disseminate knowledge
  • Model based prediction of technology transition success
  • Technology Transition Metrics – Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRL) …
  • Common metric combination techniques such as Balanced Scorecard, etc.
  • Novel project / program management gating techniques
  • Colloquially used product / process measures from the software / systems development community
  • Leveraging of techniques in other domains (e.g., Taguchi) to describe and maintain user advocacy through the development process
  • Methods of leveraging technical talent to assist in technology transition
  • Organization reuse / modification vs. design from first principles