Final Agenda for HSC 2010

TUESDAY, October 26

Classified Session (US Citizens with US Clearance only)

12:30-1:30 Clearance & Visit Request Verification and Registration
1:30 - 4:00 Classified Session – Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Advanced Research Center (ARC) Track – Classified Session

  • Cyberspace Modeling & Simulation for Military Communities
  • Direction Finding, Signal Intelligence, and Jamming of Cyber Wireless Connectivity
  • Cyber Threat Laboratory
  • PEELS Rearchitecture : Modernization of A Complex Legacy Simulation
WEDNESDAY, October 27

8:30 - 10:00 Opening Ceremonies

  • Opening remarks
  • Keynote address: Mr. John Diem, US DoD M&S CO
  • Organizational remarks
10:30 - 12:00 BLOCK I
  • Cyber Security
    • Bacteria-inspired System for Cyber Defense
    • Cyber Security Network Modeling and Simulation
  • Homeland Security/Societal Defense
    • Virtual Sandtabling For Force Protection
    • Impacts of traffic incidents and disasters on traffic network operations and emergency response
    • Analysis of sequential Monte Carlo methods in dynamic data driven simulation of wildfire
  • Training
    • Unmanned Aircraft System Aircrew Simulator Use to Meet Training Requirements
    • Architecture and Schema Development for Filtering in Training Environments
    • Implementing Autonomous Behavior Control and Inter-Agent Collaboration in Unreal Tournament
  • Transportation
    • Effect of Removing Passenger Car Volume on Freight Movement: A Simulation Study
    • Scenario planning and analysis on multimodal transportation chains
    • Modeling and Simulation for CDL Third Party Tester Assessment
  • Scenario Generation
    • Visualization and Analysis of Arena Data, Wound Ballistics Data and Vulnerability/Lethality Data
    • An Integrated Architecture for Procedurally Generating Correlated Synthetic Terrain Database
    • Conceptual Modeling for FP Suite
  • Simulation Standards
    • Panel Discussion: Current Simulation Standard Activities and Efforts
      • US DoD M&S CO
      • SISO
      • VMASC
12:00 - 1:30 Lunch Speaker: Lunch Break – Speaker: Mr. William V. Tucker CMSP, The Boeing Corporation

1:30 - 3:00 BLOCK II

  • Military Simulation
    • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) as the Key to Achieving Mission Critical System Assurance
    • A Demonstration of a Simulation Tool for Planning Robust Military Village Searches
    • Integrating Artificial Intelligence using HLA Ownership Management Services
  • Simulation Methodology, Theory and Philosophy
    • Panel Discussion on Simulation of Large and Complex Systems (Part I)
  • Training
    • CB Sim-Suite (Chemical Biological Simulation Suite)
    • Tutorial on Using a 3D Game Engine with Scripting Languages and an Excel Database
  • Transportation
    • Throughput analysis of airport resources
    • Modeling Multi-Modal Freight Mobility in Alabama
  • Scenario Generation
    • Natural Environment Representation in M&S: Environmental Data Cube Support System (EDCSS)
    • Weather Encounter in the Missile Lifecycle Process
  • Simulation Standards
    • The Modeling and Simulation Catalog for Discovery, Knowledge and Reuse
    • Joint Simulation Vision
    • A Software Architecture looks at M&S projects
3:30 - 5:00 BLOCK III
  • Military Simulation
    • Incorporation of Physical Fitness in a Tactical Infantry Simulation
    • A Baseball Simulation Using Distributed Interactive Simulation
    • First Order Negotiation Between Warfighter Requirements & Engineering Design
  • Simulation Methodology, Theory and Philosophy
    • Panel Discussion on Simulation of Large and Complex Systems (Part II)
  • Test and Evaluation
    • Developing a M&S Environment and Methodology for the Measurement and Validation of Route Realism
    • How to build a Classified Open Storage area: Lessons learned from building an open storage facility from the perspective of a non-security person
    • SMDC OneSAF Co-Development Lab (OCDL) Activities
  • VV&A
    • Getting Errors Right: Validating Covariance in Tracking Simulations
    • System Performance Baseline of IPv4 & IPv6 Testing and Tuning for Network Collaboration (SPBTNC) “SPUDNIK”
    • Verification and Validation Methods
  • Healthcare Simulation
    • Banner Simulation Medical Center: a high stakes investment in improving outcomes through learning
    • Simulation of a New Drug Treatment Program for Predicting Long Run Expectations
  • Annual Meeting of AMSC (Open to the public)
5:00 - 6:30 RECEPTION in the Exhibit Area

THURSDAY, October 28

8:30 - 10:00 Block IV

  • Simulating Humans
    • Analyzing Behavior Signatures for Terrorist Attack Forecasting
    • Intelligent Decision Support System BPsim.DSS, based on Multi-Agent Simulation
    • The Preliminary and In-Depth Evaluation of Socio-Cultural Dynamics Models and Utilization Environments Extracting Useful Information In Constrained Circumstances
  • Signal/Image Processing
    • Analysis of a new signal for bottleneck identification using the mean absolute deviation based on inter-departure time data
    • Challenges in the calibration and testing hyperspectral sensors
  • M&S Body of Knowledge
    • Curriculum Structure and Graduation Requirements in the UAHuntsville M&S Degree Programs
    • Tutorial – Body of Knowledge for Modeling and Simulation
  • Simulation Methodology, Theory and Philosophy
    • Improving mixed variable optimization of computational and model parameters using multiple surrogate functions
    • Using Simulation to Evaluate Measurement Accuracy
  • Simulation Tools
    • Tutorial: Using C++ Model Developer (CMD) to Build Simulations of Dynamic Systems
    • Extensions and Enhancements to the OOSimL Object Oriented Simulation Language
  • VV&A
    • Tutorial - MathWorks SimEvents Modeling of Ares I Launch Vehicle Avionics Latencies
    • Characterization of Tracker Performance Evaluation Algorithms for Radar Model Validation and Accreditation using Monte Carlo Data Set Ensembles
  • Healthcare Simulation
    • Panel Discussion on Health Care M&S - Four Views of the State of Simulation for Healthcare
10:30 - 12:00 Block V
  • Simulating Humans
    • The Dimensions of Adversarial Modeling
    • Tutorial – Use of Delmia modeling and simulation in Human Factors Assessment of Ares I Launch Vehicle Ground and Flight Systems
  • Software Tools
    • Tutorial – Using ModelCenter from Phoenix Integration to Evaluate Reliability During Conceptual Design
    • System Test and Analysis Tool (STAT): A Tool for System Level Regression Testing
  • Simulation Tools
    • Software Architecture for Simulation Integration
    • Geometric Design Constraints for the Controlled Fragmentation of Metallic Cylindrical Shells
    • Conceptual Modeling for FP Suite
  • Simulation Methodology, Theory and Philosophy
    • Towards Mathematical Foundations for Interoperability and Composability
    • Modeling Risk - it's not a probability, it's a polyhedron
    • Towards a Next Generation M&S Architecture
  • Healthcare Simulation
    • Designing and Implementing a Predictive Healthcare Decision Support Software System for Nursing Managers
    • Simulating Performance Robustness and Resilience in Healthcare Provider Organizations
  • Work in Progress
    • Knowledge Society Educational Model. A Proposal with Multi-agent Modeling
    • Investment enterprise strategy in the virtual model of economics
    • An Approach to the Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Credibility Issue
12:00 - 1:30 Lunch Speaker: Mr. Tim Pickens, Chief Propulsion Engineer and Commercial Space Advisor for Dynetics