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Message from SCS

Message from VP Publications of SCS

The year 2010 has brought a lot of interesting news for SCS publications, that I have the pleasure of sharing with the readers of the M&S Magazine. After years of hard work under the leadership of Bernie Zeigler and Tuncer Íren, SCS publications are now thriving and a wide variety of articles can be found in different formats. The numerous publications of our Society have been the result of the effort of 70 Associated Editors, hundreds of Reviewers and the leadership of the Editorial Advisory Boards and Editors-in-Chief.

Francesco Longo, the Editor-in-Chief, has succeeded in bringing our Newsletter back (with the support of the co-EICs, Mhamed Itmi and Tuncer Íren). The Newsletter, published monthly, includes a variety of news and recent developments in our field, an updated list of conferences, upcoming publications, special issues for Journals in the field of M&S, an exhaustive listing of M&S resources, and a variety of information of peer Societies in M&S. [...]









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