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The Conceptual Modeling Corner Project


A straightforward modeling and simulation project is outlined below. The intent here is to provide a context for exploring conceptual modeling issues and alternative approaches. In particular, readers are encouraged to submit proposals for a conceptual model for this project that captures the essential features that are expected for such a model. Submissions and/or comments will appear in this column in future issues of the M&S Magazine. It is hoped that these submissions will generate discussion and possibly new avenues to explore in terms of better clarifying the nature and purpose of a conceptual model. There are absolutely no preconditions on form or format for these models. In fact the greater the variety of presentations the richer will be the hoped for discussions that will be appear in this column in future issues of the M&S Magazine.



List of Actual Conceptual Modeling Proposals


Conceptual Model Submitted for the Happyfaces Daycare Center M&S Project, Gilbert Arbez and Louis G. Birta






Conceptual Modeling Corner

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Conceptual Modeling Corner

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