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 Welcome to the second edition of the M&S Magazine presented to you by the Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS). As I pointed out in my editorial comments in the first (i.e., January) issue, the mandate of this quarterly e-publication is serve as a general interest publication. This, in particular, means that the articles will strive to be appealing to the broadly based modeling and simulation community.

 The domain of applicability of the modeling and simulation problem solving paradigm is vast and relentlessly becoming even “vaster”. Our goal is to explore ideas that are newly emerging on this landscape and, as well, to endeavor to consolidate closely related ideas that al-ready exist. The emphasis is entirely with making key ideas accessible to non-experts and consequently the presenta-tion in the articles needs to be appropriately tailored. One of the links pro-vided on the M&S Magazine’s home-page is labeled “Scope and Author Guidelines”. Useful information about the orientation of articles is provided there for interested authors. [...]






Editorial Page

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