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Nota esplicativa

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The fundamental goal of the M&S Magazine is to present articles that have an appeal or direct relevance to a major segment of the modeling and simulation community. Naturally, the specific segment will vary depending on the information content of any particular article, but the key element is broad appeal. The readership community ideally will not be restricted to M&S professionals; i.e., those who identify M&S as their principle professional occupation. The target readership is broader and includes those who might be regarded as “casual” users of the M&S methodology or, possibly, those who have only recently become involved with it. Ideally the content of the articles in the M&S Magazine will have aspects that might draw these users closer into the mainstream.

Articles in the M&S Magazine will not be directed to a “niche market”. However, this should not be interpreted as the basis for excluding technical topics that have a very specific orientation. Rather it reflects on the manner in which the material is presented; e.g., essential information about foundational concepts should always be included and the use of jargon and acronyms that are familiar only to specialists in the field should be avoided.

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Presentation Style



Articles in the M&S Magazine will typically have a length of four to seven pages (a “page” should be interpreted as having the North American standard dimensions of 8.5” x 11”). Submission as a WORD document is preferred. The text on each page should have the following physical parameters: (a) one inch margin all around, (b) single spacing, (c) double column, (d) 11 point, Times Roman font.

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Articles submitted for publication in the M&S Magazine will be evaluated from the perspective of their success in conveying an interesting and useful message (often to a non-expert). Extensive reliance on mathematical detail should be avoided and the incorporation of relevant graphics to illustrate important points is encouraged. An implicit objective of the articles in the M&S Magazine is to stimulate interest in the topic being discussed and consequently a reasonable collection of readily accessible references, where an interested reader can find elaboration, should be always provided. These may, of course, be pointers to relevant websites.

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Information about  Authors




A short (50 to 100 words) biography of the author(s) is recommended following the list of references. This should include a contact address (preferably email).