JANUARY 7-11, 2001
Phoenix, Arizona
Crowne Plaza Hotel

For VWSim 2001, we will combine the best of both worlds—both a conference format for the first two and half days and a special day of workshops. Last year, we received very good responses on the workshop format—participants enjoyed a chance to really talk. However, participants also wanted to attend more of the talks that were scheduled in individual workshops and they felt that having the hardbound publication at the conference was very desireable. However, in addition to the usual publication, we will have a special report published on the workshops after the conference.

Several government groups are helping to sponsor this year's workshops, and hence there will be a small, but helpful amount of support available for conference fees and travel on a per needed basis. If you need some help in order to attend the workshops, please send a note EARLY along with your submissions. We regret that we cannot cover the expenses for everyone!

Below we summarize each of the three workshops: The workshops' descriptions purposely omit the domains of the applications (e.g., education and training, business and management, engineering and design, crisis management and situation rooms, etc.), because we have found that people working with applications for different domains have a great deal to say to each other, and can gain a lot from being gently put (thrown?) together.

Topic areas include:

• Active Intelligent Environments
• Experience and Experimentation in Social Worlds
• Integration Places
• Developing a Theory of Intelligent Systems and Virtual Worlds

Two page proposals for special workshops, additional sessions and tracks are due via e-mail to the conference chairs (ASCII text only, please) by May 30, 2000.


General Co-Chair
Dr. Christopher Landauer
The Aerospace Corp.
General Co-Chair
Dr. Kirstie L. Bellman
The Aerospace Corp.

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