JANUARY 7-11, 2001

Phoenix, Arizona
Crowne Plaza Hotel

The 2001 ICSEE conference will bring together experts and colleagues who are interested in the fast growing area of modeling (both analytical and computational), simulation and visualization (and their comparison with experiments and observations), and simulation and multimedia-based engineering education. Topics include:

• Experiences in Integrating Computers, Software Tools and the World Wide Web
• Development of Multimedia Models, Virtual Lab Modules, Java-Based and Other
   Reusable Educational Components
• Application of Modeling (Analytical and Computational) of All Aspects of Engineering,
   including Processes, Devices and Systems
• Simulation Languages, Packages, and Simulation-Based Curricula and Potential Pitfalls
• Evaluation of Students’ Performance in Computer-Based Education
• Ethics and Engineering Education
• Laboratories Computer-Based and Simulation-Integrated
• New Software and Hardware Developments and Their Impacts on Engineering
• Application of Virtual Reality and Visualization in Engineering Education
• Symbolic Computation in Engineering Education
• Government and Corporate Programs and Support of Computer and
   Multimedia-Based Engineering Education

Authors interested in topics listed above are encouraged to submit four (4) copies of the abstract together with a cover letter stating the name, address (postal & email) and phone/fax numbers of the designated contact author to the General Chair.

Submission deadline is September 22, 2000.

General Chair
Hamid Vakilzadian
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Tel: 402-472-1977
Fax: 402-472-4732
   Program Chair
Dr. Chell Roberts
Arizona State University


Program Committee
Dr. John Ballard     University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Dr. Francois E. Cellier     University of Arizona, Tucson
Dr. Granino Korn     GA and TM Consultants
Dr. Olgierd Palusinski     University of Arizona
Dr. Roy E. Crosbie     California State University, Chico
Dr. Lawrence P. Huelsman     University of Arizona, Tucson
Dr. Marco Roccetti     Universita’ di Bologna, Italy
Dr. Kamel Benboudjema     Computer Division Space Group
Dr. Rodney J. Soukup     University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Dr. Hamid Sharif     University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Dr. Handy Taha     University of Arkansas
Dr. John Hines     US Air Force Research Laboratory

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