2001 Western MultiConference
January 7-11, 2001

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Phoenix, Arizona

Sponsored by
The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
Phone: (858) 277-3888; Fax: (858) 277-3930
e-mail: wmc2001@scs.org; http://www.scs.org


General Chair: James G. Anderson, Purdue University, USA
Program Chair: Meyer Katzper, Food and Drug Administration, USA


Patient Flow Analysis Using Promodel Simulation Package
Sema Elbeyi, Palaniappa Krishnan, University of Delaware, USA

A Simulation of Nursing Teams
Siebren Groothuis, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

The Design of Cytostatic Systems
Frits Van Merode, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Alternative Approaches to Manage Pre-registration Outpatient Services
Syi Su, Chun-Chih Huang, Chung-Liang Shih, Ray-I Chang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

The Use of Simulation Models in the Surveillance and Evaluation of Tobacco Policies
David Levy, University of Baltimore, USA

A Simulation Model of Policies to Increase Use of Cessation Treatments
David Levy, University of Baltimore, USA


Risk Factors for HIV: A Simulation
James G. Anderson, Purdue University, USA
Marilyn M. Anderson, Anderson Consulting, USA

An Approach to the Creation of Individual-Oriented Models from Databases
Frank Koester, University of Oldenburg, Germany

A Low Cost Mathematical Modeling of Complex Healthcare Systems: Immunization Delivery Services
Christos Alexopoulous, David Goldsman, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


Sensitivity Analyses of Treatment Costs in a Markov Model of the Natural History of Alzheimer?s Disease
W. A. Thompson, T.J. Chaussalet, University of Westminster, UK

A Simulation Model of the Behavioral Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS Infections Among the Elderly
M. Aaron Sayegh, James G. Anderson, Purdue University, USA
Marilyn M. Anderson, Anderson Consulting, USA


Population Kinetics of Free Fatty Acid in Isolated Rat Hepatocites: A Bayesian Analysis Based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation
Karl Thomaseth, Alessandra Pavan, LADSEB-CNR, Italy

Some Dynamics of the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis
Meyer Katzper, FDA, USA

A Physiological Model to Conduct Adult-Children Extrapolation of the Pharmacokinetics of Chemicals
Karine Price, Kannan Krishan, Claude Viau, Université de Montreal, Canada

The Effect of Different Sources of Variability on Theophylline Response
Suzette Girgis, Scheing-Plogh Research Institute Drug Metabolism and Pharmackinetics, USA

Modeling and Simulation of Drug Effects on Cell Populations
Lorin K. Roskos, Abgenix Pharmackokinetics/Toxicology, USA


Patient-Specific Three-Dimensional Simulation of the Coronary Blood Flow Based on Biplane Angiograms
Bernhard Quatember, Hannes Mühlthaler, University of Innsbruck, Austria

A Multilevel Integrated Simulation of Coagulation In Vivo (SIM COAG)
Wayne L. Chandler, Tomas Velan, University of Washington, USA

ACM4WB-An Advanced Whole Body Circulatory Model
Wayne L. Chandler, Tomas Velan, University of Washington, USA

Introduction to Dynamic Receptor Theory
Edward J. Gallaher, VA Medical Center, USA

A Model of the Simulation of the Arterial System and an Adaptive Procedure for the Parameter Identification Based on Non-Invasive Recordings
Roland Pilgram, University of Graz, Austria

Parameter Sensitivity of a Fluid Filtration Model For Hemodialysis
Roland Pilgram, Daniel Schneditz, University of Graz, Austria

A Saturation Kinetic Model of Fatty Acid Exchange Between Adipose and Cell Membranes
James Hargrove, Jinah Hwang, Diane K. Hartle, Univ. of Georgia, USA

Immune Response of HIV Pathogenesis Under HAART and Development of Drug Resistance
Wai-Yuan Tan, Z. Z. Ye, University of Memphis, USA

A State Model of Cancer Tumors Under Chemotherapy and Drug Resistance
Wai-Yuan Tan, Wei Wang, University of Memphis, USA

Multimedia Simulators of Glycoregulatory Mechanisms as Interactive Teaching Tool
Jiri Kofránek, Stephán Svacina, Charles University, Czech Republic

Simulation Analysis of Dose Response in the Treatment of AIDS
José A.M. Felippe de Souza, Universidade Beira Interior, Portugal
Marco Antonio Leonel Caetano, Univerisidade Estadual Paulista, Brazil
Takashi Yoneyama, Instituto Technológico de Aeronática, Brazil

A Model of Capillary Effects on the Arterial Circulation
Marcelo Guarini, Clinical Hospital, Chile


Computer-Assited Triage of Abdominal Pain in Childhood: A Suggested Algorithm
Steve Rubin, Children?s Hospital of Eastern Onatrio, Canada
W. Michalowski, University of Ottawa, Canada
R. Slowinski, Sz Wilk, Pozan Technical University, Canada

Using Simulation to Determine the Cost Effectiveness of Screening for Heliobacter Pylori to Prevent Gastric Cancer
Ruth Davies, Paul Roderick, University of Southampton, UK

New Approach to the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography
Dimitry Belov, Singapore


Developing Computer-Based Clinical Simulations
Randy De Kler, Georgia State University, USA

Multimedia Simulators of Glycoregulatory Mechanisms as Interactive Teaching Tool
Jiri Kofránek, Stephán Svacina, Charles University, Prague, Chech

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