JULY 15 - 19, 2001

Orlando, Florida
Orlando Airport Marriott


Wednesday 10:30_12:00

Session 1: Keynote Address
Providing QoS in the Next Generation Internet: Are We Ready?
Fabio M. Chiussi, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, USA

Wednesday 8:30_10:00

Session 2: QoS I

Decoupling Different Time Scales of Network QoS Systems
Jens Schmitt, Oliver Heckmann, Martin Karsten, Ralf Steinmetz, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

On Performance Evaluation of the Deadline-ordered Burst-based Parallel Scheduling Strategy for QoS Guaranteed IP over ATM Packet Level Scheduling
Chun Siu, Man Chi Chan, Soung Yue Liew, Tong Lee, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Performance Evaluation of a New End-to-end Measurement Based Call Admission Control Scheme for Supporting IP Telephony
István Szabó, Ericsson Research, Hungary

Integration of Voice-Over-IP in a Call Center
L. Caltagirone, G. Sica, P. Maryni, IFM-Infomaster and DIST-University of Genoa, Italy

Wednesday 1:30_3:00

Session 3: QoS II

QUIPS-II: A Simulation Tool for the Design and Analysis of the Diffserv-Based Internet
Zesong Di, Hussein Mouftah, Queen's University, Canada

A Joint Routing and Bandwidth Allocation Strategy for DiffServ Frameworks
Franco Davoli, University of Genoa, Italy
Piergiulio Maryni, Italian National Consortium for Telecommunications, Italy

Performance Evaluation of a Class Based Queuing (CBQ) with Starve Scheduling Discipline
Maurizio Longo, University of Salerno, Italy
Luigi Panico, Giovanni Battista Vassallo, Alcatel, Italy

Wednesday 3:30_5:00

Session 4: Distributed Systems II

Specification and Verification of a Secure Distributed Voting Protocol
Benjamin Hardekopf, Kevin Kwiat, Shambhu Upadhyaya, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

The Impact of Hardware Characteristics on Firewall Performance
Bradley Baird, Mark Clement, Charles Knutson, Quinn Snell, Brigham Young University, USA

Adaptive Fixed Priority End-to-End Imprecise Scheduling in Distributed Real Time Systems
W.A. El-Haweet, Islam M. Elgedawy, Ibrahim Abd El-Salam, Alexandria University, Egypt

A Dynamic Cluster Construction for Load Balancing in a Big Heterogeneous Distributed System
Ali Al-Dahoud, Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan


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