JULY 15 - 19, 2001

Orlando, Florida
Orlando Airport Marriott


Monday 8:30_10:00

Session 1: Keynote Address
Investing in the Simulation Profession
Dell Lunceford, Army Modeling & Simulation Office

Monday 10:30_12:00

Session 2: Multicast

A Delay Analysis of Reliable Multicast Protocols
Christian Maihoefer, Kurt Rothermel, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Integration of Flow & QoS Control in Multicast Routing
Kaliappa Ravindran, Dmitri Loguinov, City University of New York, USA

Optimal Branching Factor for Tree-based Reliable Multicast Protocols
Christian Maihoefer, Kurt Rothermel, University of Stuttgart, Germany

QoS-Driven Multicast Tree Generation Using TabuSearch
Habib Youssef, Abdulaziz Al-Mulhem, Muhammad Atif Tahi, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia

Monday 1:30_3:00

Session 3: Satellite Systems

Performance Analysis of Multicast Algorithms for Mobile Satellite Communication Networks
Ryan Thomas, Richard Raines, Rusty Baldwin, Michael Temple, Air Force Institute of Technology, USA

Quality of Service Guaranteed Voice and Video Services over Satellite Networks
Davide Adami, Mario Marchese, Luca Ronga, CNIT- Italian National Consortium for Telecommunications, Italy

The Effect of A Priori Fade Level Information on Bandwidth Control in a Satellite Channel: Comparisons in a Real Case Study
Raffaele Bolla, Nedo Celandroni, Franco Davoli, Erina Ferro, Mario Marchese, CNIT, DIST-University of Genoa and CNUCE-CNR, Pisa, Italy

Reducing Computational Complexity on Usage-Dependent Reliability Estimation for a Satellite Navigation System
Meng-Lai Yin, Tina Phillips, Rafael Arellano, Raytheon Company, USA

Monday 3:30_5:00

Session 4: Flow and Congestion Control

Optimization Network Flow Control and Price Coordination with Feedback: Proposal of a New Distributed Algorithm
Krzysztof Malinowski, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

On Long Range Dependence and Token Buckets
Gregorio Procissi, Mario Gerla, Jinkyu Kim, Scott Seongwook Lee, M. Y. "Medy" Sanadidi, University of California - Los Angeles, USA

Random Early Detection Parameter Tuning
Peter Walker, Lichen Dai, Mark Clement, Quinn Snell, Chris Chase, Brigham Young University, USA

A Congestion Control Scheme for a Robust Audio Streaming Service Over a Best-Effort Network
Alessandro Iscra, Sandro Zappatore, DIST-University of Genoa, Italy


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