February 18 - 22, 2007

Wyndham Emerald Plaza Hotel
San Diego, California


Organizing Committee

Nuclear Conference Chair
Mac McDade, Harris Nuclear Plant

Fossil Conference Chair
Erica Finley, Performance Consulting Services, Inc.

Fossil Co-Chair
Ron Griebenow, Performance Consulting Services, Inc.

Exhibits Chair
Steve Branch


Sponsored by
The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
P.O. Box 17900
San Diego, CA  92177-7900
Tel: 858-277-3888
Fax: 858-277-3930
E-mail: scs@scs.org

2007 International Conference on Simulation Technology for Power Plants (PowerPlantSim'07)


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bullet Tutorials / Special Events:
bullet Utility Simulator Users Group (USUG)/NEI Scenario Based Testing (SBT) Workshop; Wed. 2/21. The joint USUG/NEI Scenario Based Testing (SBT) workshop will occur on Wednesday, 2/21/07 in conjunction with the Utility Simulator Users Group workshop that week. During this meeting, both the industry (NEI LOTF members) and the NRC (Larry Vick and others from NRR) will announce agreement on what SBT should look like and how to move forward on an issue that has been languishing now for several years. The intended audience is: Training Managers, Operations Training Superintendents, Requal and Initial License Training Supervisors and anyone else with a vested interest in SBT. Point of emphasis: this is not just for simulator support personnel and not just for plants already on the ANSI 3.5-1998 standard, so please consider attending and/or have the appropriate Operations Training supervisory personnel attend.
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