2012 AutumnSim Conference Papers


Defense and Military Modeling and Simulation (DMMS)

An Approach to Sparing Analysis for a Finite Working Item Population
Rui Zhang and Yaw Asiedu
Improving Performance in an Imperfect Target Detection Simulation through Experience
Joseph Mercado, Timothy White, Tracy Sanders, Juila Wright and Peter Hancock
Inserting simulated tracks into SAR CCD imagery
Eric Turner, Rhonda Phillips, Carol Chiang and Miriam Cha
An Agile Methodology For Simulation
Dale Bardin, Ron Painter, Pamela Tsui, Mark Vriesenga, Pamela Nance, Rusty Sailors, Thomas Cunningham and Daniel Kepner
Hierarchical Model Organization and Detailed Metadata Specifications for M&S Asset Discovery and Reuse
Jason Breeggemann and Michael Jones
Analog microcontroller model for an energy harvesting round counter
Sara Lorene Makowiec, Mark Johnson and Mark Doxbeck
Concept for Simulating Engagement Strategies for C-RAM Systems using Laser Weapons
Matthias Knapp and Hendrik Rothe
Effects of Cross-Modal Sensory Cueing Automation Failure in a Simulated Target Detection Task
Joseph Mercado, White Timothy, Tracy Sanders, Julia Wright and Peter Hancock
Simulation of a Cognitive Robot Using WebGL
Darush Davani, Frederick Ackers and Akkadet Teyakome
Application of Cognitive Theories for Simulation of Robotic Models
Darush Davani and Frederick Ackers
Ontology-based Conceptual Modeling of Military Mission Spaces
Haeran Kang, Young Min Bae, Kyong-Ho Lee, Young Hoon Lee and Jai-Jeong Pyun
A System Architecture and Simulation Environment for Building Information Modeling in Virtual Worlds
John Oerter, Wyatt Suddarth, Matthew Morhardt, James Gehringer, Michael McGinnis, Johnnie Shockley and Allison Baysa
The Value of Modeling and Simulation Standards
Andrew Collins, David Meyr, Solomon Sherfey, Andreas Tolk and Mikel Petty
Explosion Modeling - a Tutorial
Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani
Tradespace Exploration for Military Simulations
Joon Hong Lau, Chong Wee Tan and Yeng Kiat Lim
Real Time 3D Recording Applications for Field Medical Training
Matthew Hackett, Jack Norfleet, Brian VanVoorst, Cathy Strayhorn and Jon Schewe
Ultra Large-Scale Wireless Network Models using Massively Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation
Justin LaPre, Christopher Carothers, Kenneth Renard and Dale Shires
Producing Reusable Engineered Systems Through Ontology (PRESTO): An Information Sciences Approach to Architecture-driven, Model-based, Concurrent Engineering
George Ball and Christopher Runge
Comparison of Methods for Simulation-Based Early Prediction of Rocket, Artillery and Mortar Trajectories
Arash Ramezani, Jost Cors and Hendrik Rothe
A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Defining Use for Computer Simulation
Eric Weisel
Proof-of-Concept for a Green Energy Linear Program for Optimizing Deployments
James Taylor and Betty Love
The Missing Link in Modeling and Simulation Validation
Lisa Bair


Energy and Climate Modeling and Simulation (ECEMS)

Situation Calculus Approach To The Oil Products Supply Control System
Victor Romanov, Ilya Moskovoy and Kseniya Grigorieva
Confidence Intervals for Quantiles When Applying Replicated Latin Hypercube Sampling and Sectioning
Marvin Nakayama
A Fuel Cost Comparison of Electric and Gas-Powered Vehicles
Lawrence Fulton and Nathaniel Bastian
Agent based model for estimating HEV market: Focusing on the case of Korea
Jinho Choi, Namgyu Im and Jaechan Park


Education and Training Modeling and Simulation (ETMS)

Emotional Math Tutors: Applying Emotional Virtual Agent in Education
Everlyne Kimani and Hong Jiang
Leveraging Mobile Devices for Asynchronous Learning: Best Practices
John Killilea
The Case Study of Designing an Artistic Course as a Part of E-Learning Program
Seyedeh Mahsa Mortazavi, Kaveh Rasouli Chizari and Erfan Khaji
Evaluating Mobile Device Usage in the Army
Joseph Mercado and Jennifer Murphy
Web Based Visualization of Outdoor Path Loss Models
Saifuddin Abdullah and Fuad Alnajjar
Managing and Controlling Risk in Complex Infrastructure Projects: Using Discrete Event Simulation for Stochastic Scheduling in Construction Engineering Courses
Linda Riley
Cellular Automata Simulation of Neutron Transport
Bahram Nassersharif
Outcome-Based Curriculum Development for an Undergraduate M&S Program
James Leathrum and Roland Mielke
A Conceptual Approach to a Hybrid Network Enrollment Simulation Model
Luis Robledo, Jose Sepulveda and Sandra Archer


Homeland Security Modeling and Simulation (HLSMS)

Modeling temporal, geographic and structural dependencies in networks: preliminary results and applications in Homeland Security
Daniel E. Salazar and Samrat Chatterjee
Anti-terrorism PTSD Homeland Security Response Scenarios Using Modeling and Simulation
Ronn Johnson and Ross Johnson
Practical Considerations for Implementing Homeland Security M&S
Charles Hutchings, Sanjay Jain, Y. Tina Lee and Chuck McLean
Suicide Bombing Forecaster – Novel Techniques to Predict Patterns of Suicide Bombing in Pakistan
Usmani Zeeshan, Sarah Irum, Saad Qadeer and Taimur Qureshi


Medical Processes Modeling and Simulation (MPMS)

A Study on The Performance of the Modified Dome Rule in a Multi-Doctor Outpatient Facility
Adura Adekunjo and Michael Jones
Modeling drift in the OR: A conceptual framework for research
Richard Severinghaus, Taryn Cuper and C. Donald Combs
Simulating The Need For Renal Replacement Therapy Capacity
Anders L Nielsen, Alok Kumar, Philip Nielsen and Susanne Petersen
Methodology and Modeling Environment for Simulating National Health Care
Bernard Zeigler, Ernest Carter and Chungman Seo
Fuzzy Database for Heart Disease Diagnosis
Rehana Parvin and Dr. Abdolreza Abhari